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Competition Schedule 2009



Closing date for entry


Skating groups


18 July


04 July

Skaters perform a free programme incorporating any elements and combinations

9 and under

12 and under

13 and over

1 ½ minute programme

2 minute programme

2 ½ ,minute programme

29 August

Coy Teapot Trophy

15 August

Skater performs a spin, spiral, jump and a teapot on either 1 or 2 feet.

Learn to Skate

No higher than NISA learn to skate Gold Passport

26 September (groups 1-3)

 & 03 October (groups 4-6)


12 September

Skaters perform their free programme and two elements of the Field move test which are decided at random by the judges referee on the night of the competition

Group 1

Group 2

Group 3

Group 4

Group 5

Group 6

NISA level 1

NISA level 2

NISA level 3

NISA level 4

NISA level 5

NISA level 6

November TBC

Bramwell Trophy


Artistic programme must include 2 spins, 1 spiral and one step sequence as required in the relevant group standard.

NO jumps or toe hops allowed




No higher than NISA level 2

No higher than NISA level 4

No higher than NISA level 6

All competitors MUST be a member of BIFSC (annual membership £20) but paying to attend Sunday training sessions is not essential. SEE NOTE BELOW

Entry fee: £10 (reduction of £4 for members paying to attend the Sunday club training sessions)

Entry forms and fees to be passed to coaches OR to Nathan Skelton directly before the closing date for each competition.


Closing date for entry = 2 weeks prior to the competition. Draw for skating order will take place 1 week prior to competition with skating order posted on club website and notice board. Under NO circumstances will competitors be accepted on the night of a competition. Withdrawal from a competition forfeits entry fee.


Note: Coy Teapot Trophy is open to non-club members but entrants MUST be taking learn to skate classes at Blackpool Arena. Fees remain the same but will be collected on the night of the competition when registering. Entry forms to be collected and returned for the attention of BIFSC to Arena Box Office. Anyone entered but failing to pay fee on the night will not be allowed to compete.


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results will be placed in the results section after the competition