The site for club members and those interested in ice skating in Blackpool

Welcome to the Club

Figure Club ran years ago for amateur skaters to enable them to work on their basic skating, control of edges and stamina. The club was later taken over by Blackpool Pleasure Beach and was gradually closed down. Now it is back!

The Club always tried to bring skaters together to help and support each other and that is exactly what the club will do this time too. The club is run BY skaters FOR skaters!

Club sessions will be an hour long and take place on Sunday nights in the current slot reserved for rehearsals of the Christmas show. They will be led by a group of older skaters and will involve edge work and power skating exercises. You will be encouraged to get involved to make the club exactly what you want it to be. It will be fun but also an opportunity to learn from you friends and train yourself to a higher standard.

There will be monthly competitions with official NISA judges and trophies for winners to take home. Plus, if the club is successful there will be plenty of other exciting activities in the future - including show team.

History of the Club

This will be added soon