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New Session Times

Due to Hot Ice starting this week we are moving onto the Arosa for the following 9 weeks. For that reason we have split thr groups into three to make sure there is no over crowding on the ice. These times will run for 40 minutes starting at 4pm on a Sunday and will be split as follows:

4pm-4.40pm  Skate UK level 1-8

4.40pm-5.20pm  Passport - Nisa Level 2

5.20pm-6pm Above Nisa level 2

The only exceptions to this are on 01/04/07, 29/04/07 (CANCELLED) and 27/05/07 when we will start an hour later due to Pleasure Beach business using the Arosa.

Due to us using the Arosa rink this first quarters fees have been reduced to just £25 per person.

Please note: this reduction is only for the first quarter which lasts until 01/07/07. On this date the next subscription will be due and will raise to the original £45 as planned. The first subscription fee is due on 08/04/01.

For a diary of club sessions for the first quarter you can download this document.

Hot Ice changes club sessions

On Sunday 18 March a meeting was held to give members an opportunity to share their views on the club so far and to decide what action we were to take about the coming Hot Ice shows which mean we cannot have the ice on the Sunday night for the next nine weeks.
The options were basically; to not have club for 9 weeks, to keep the club on a sunday but move onto the arosa rink or to move the sessions to another night altogether and move onto the arosa until November. The third option came about because although we will get the main ice time back in June, in July rehearsals for the Christmas show start and we will have move around again. The plan then was to move to a different night on the arosa to develop some consistancy to the club so we were not changing nights all the time.
Everyone decided that it is best to move onto the arosa on a Sunday and then see what happens when christmas show rehearsals start. We decided that since there is now so many of us it would be best to split into three groups. It was also suggestd that since the arosa is so small it would be pointless to have half an hour leisure time on the ice at the end of the session so it has been decided to shorten the sessions to just 40 mins. Since we will not have nickoli for these sessions as he is in Hot Ice the coaching sessions will be shortened to 20-25 mins and will be supervised by Charlotte (who has now passed her level 1 coaching exam and is therefore qualified to teach up to completion of Learn to skate) and myself. We will not be learning anything new but will instead be coming up with exercises we were taught when we were younger that helped us improve. Hopefully passing on these tips will help others improve too.
Doing this will mean that I do not have to pay as much for ice or for coaching and so I am going to revise my calculations and hope to reduce the subscription fees which I will be collecting in the next month or so.
I also told everyone that I have now got back the trophies that belonged to the old figure club and i now plan to start organising some competitions. Though this may be some months down the line due to ice time restrictions and availability of NISA judges.
Keep an eye on the club main page for new groupings.

We need your help

For the club to run as well as it can be it cannot only be run by one man. Although the Pleasure Beach Arena are helping with the management of the club the day to day running of sessions is a difficult task and any help will be greatfully recieved.

In order for the club to be official it needs to have at least five committee members and at the moment it only has one. If you are willing to spare your time once a week at club sessions to perform some of the important roles such as money collection, registration, competition organising, events organising etc please see Nathan Skelton or Joanne Conway.